Get 250 free miles with Qatar Airways

Register for Qatar Airways Globetrotter campaign and get 250 free miles just to sign up. In addition you can get up to 100.000 Qatar Airways miles by completing the quests and earning 2, 3 or 4 badges over the next 12 months.

Commencing from May 2016 until March 2017, the campaign will consist of four broad themes – Adventurous Getaway, Metropolitan Excursions, Culinary Journeys and Cultural Exploration. Each of these 4 themes have their own travel periods and include a number of destinations. See table below for themes, destinations and offer periods.
Simply travel to a destination in each theme during that theme’s offer period and you will earn bonus Qmiles. The more destinations you fly to in each theme, the more bonus Qmiles you will earn!
On top of the bonus Qmiles, at the end of the offer period for every theme, you will be awarded a special “travel badge” for participating in that theme, e.g. Cultural Exploration badge, Adventurous Getaway badge and so on. The “travel badge” for a theme will be awarded when you have at least one qualifying travel from Doha to a destination in the theme.
This campaign is open to all Privilege Club main members only and not family members. Globetrotter campaign is valid only on flights marketed and operated by Qatar Airways to any of the theme destinations. Travel on oneworld airlines or partner airlines will not be considered for bonus Qmiles and special travel badges during the Globetrotter campaign.
Click here for Frequently Asked Questions on the Qatar Airways Globetrotter campaign.
At the end of the Qatar Airways Globetrotter campaign in March 2017, in addition to the bonus Qmiles and travel badges you would have earned for travelling to various destination across the four themes, bountiful rewards await you based on the number of “travel badges” you would have earned by the end of March 2017.

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