Nicole Kidman in Etihads new Reimagine 360° video

Etihad has just released their new promotional video with Nicole Kidman in 360° VR. It is a 6 minutes video in full 360 (caution, downloads about 500 MB, do not do that on  a small data plan), and shows the features of the Etihad Airbus A380.

It gives a nice view of all cabin classes in the Airbus 380, quite interesting to see the seating configuration in Business Class, as that is different from what I have seen on both the 330s, 340s and Boeing 777s before, I am not sure how I would feel facing backwards. Other than that it looks great, and yes, it is not uncommon to have a passenger or two who brings their falcons with them on the flight.

The video is available for download both for Andriod and Iphone, and ‘coming soon’ for Gear VR as well. It is recommended to use a cardboard viewer when viewing it, but it is also fine just on a handheld phone.


attachmentID_000008Download the movie here

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