20% cashback in Carrefour this ramadan with Beam

beamBeam is now offering 20% cashback for all purchases in Carrefour during Ramadan.

They already have a promotion going where they offer 10% back forever, but during Ramadan they have doubled the credit amount you will get.

If you are new to Beam, I’ll try to explain it as quickly as I can.

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Air Berlins Topbonus changes.

topbonus Air Berlin are making some important changes to their frequent flyer program TopBonus from the 12th  of July.


First of all they are changing the names of their tickets, for example ‘JustFly’ becomes ‘economy light’ and so on, as you can see at the table below:

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Up to 20.000 Etihad miles each time you book a hotel at Kaligo.com

kaligoEtihad airways and Kaligo are now running a common promotion, doubling the amount of miles you will earn with Etihad for each booking you make at Kaligo, meaning you could possibly earn up to 20.000 Etihad guest miles for each hotel booking you make.


What is even better, is that there is no limit to how many booking you can make, so each booking made between now and July 11th will earn you extra Etihad miles. Continue reading “Up to 20.000 Etihad miles each time you book a hotel at Kaligo.com”

Dubai airport shuts down for 1 hour due to drone

dxbairportOn the 11th of June an unauthorized drone was observed close to Dubai airport (DXB) forcing the airport to close for arrivals and departures for 69 minutes until it was deemed safe to resume operations again.


There are strict rules in the UAE for the use of unmanned drones, and no-one are allowed to fly closer than 3 nautical miles (5 kilometers) from any airports.

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Abu Dhabi airport introduces 35 dirhams passenger fee

Abu Dhabi new Midfield Terminal
Abu Dhabi new Midfield Terminal

Abu Dhabi airport is introducing a Dh35 fee for passengers transiting or departing the airport, according to a report on Tuesday.

“The new fee will be charged from the passengers with  effect from July,” says Al Ittehad newspaper, citing a resolution adopted by Abu Dhabi Executive Council in April.

The announcement comes barely two months after Dubai and Sharjah airports introduced similar charges for passengers.

“Every passenger departing from Abu Dhabi’s airports will have to pay Dh35 as fee, however, transit passengers and children below two years of age will be exempted from the new fee,” according to the report.

“The new fee is not being collected, as yet,” says Bilal Chaudhary, a senior travel advisor at National Travels and Tourism in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi International Airport has become region’s fastest growing travel hub. It has reported 9.5 per cent quarter-on-quarter increase in passenger traffic during the first quarter of 2016.

Between January and March this year, 6,044,025 passengers travelled through Abu Dhabi, compared with 5,521,110 during the same period last year.

The number of passengers traveling through Abu Dhabi in March 2016 jumped to over two million passengers, reaching 2,025,842, up 5.6 per cent from 1,917,939 in March 2015.

15% discount with Anantara birthday wishes

anantaraAnantara resorts are offering 15% discount on bookings made through their website, using the promotion code BDAY0816. It might be targeted only for people who have birthday in August, but I was able to get up the discount without logging in to their website.

In addition they are offering 150 dirhams resort credit for any bookings in rooms or apartments, or 400 dirhams resort credit for any bookings in their villas.

To book and avail the prmotion, follow this link


Colombo to Boston in Business class for 4700 dirhams!

It is quite common to see great fares from Colombo to various destinations with Etihad, Qatar Airways and Emirates, but this is better than most I have seen lately.


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25% discount on Qatar Airways award tickets

Qatar Airways have announced a 25% discounts on all award tickets booked from now until 5th of July 2016.

The discount is available for all classes and all destinations, all you have to do is add the promotion code ‘RAMADAN16’ during the booking process, and the discount should be automatically applied.

25 qatar

More info here



Earn up to 10.500 Miles with Air Berlin for signing up and referring friends

airberlin-737It is not so common to see airlines giving out miles for free just to sign up to their frequent flyer program and their newsletter, but Airberlin is doing just that right now. You will get 1000 miles just for signing up with them and subscribing to their newsletter, and you can get an additional 1000 miles for each person you refer and sign up as well. (you get only 500 miles for your first referral, but 1000 miles for each extra referral thereafter.)

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Flying and drinking (and eating) during Ramadan 2016

etihad ramadanNow that Ramadan has been announced, it is time to remember what you can expect when travelling in the Middle East.


First of all, the general rule for everyone is that eating, smoking and drinking during daylight hours is prohibited during Ramadan.

However, all transit areas of the airports are exempted, as all travelers traveling more than 80 kilometers in one day are exempted from the fasting. You can therefore expect all food outlets to be serving food and drinks during Ramadan, and in the UAE you should also be able to order alcoholic beverages, although they will probably not be on display.

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