Air Berlins Topbonus changes.

topbonus Air Berlin are making some important changes to their frequent flyer program TopBonus from the 12th  of July.


First of all they are changing the names of their tickets, for example ‘JustFly’ becomes ‘economy light’ and so on, as you can see at the table below:


This seems to streamline it more with other operators, and I find it easier to compare the new names to other airlines, and thereby know what to expect from the ticket itself. Whereas before you might not be sure what to expect from ‘Justfly’ or ‘Flyclassic’ but with the new names ‘Economy Light’ and ‘Economy classic’ you have a much better understanding of that is coming.

Secondly, they are adjusting the mileage table as below:


Those are no major changes, but when they introduce the new classes and fares, as a promotion, TopBonus will give an additional 25% miles for Economy class tickets on domestic and intra-Europe routes.

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