20% cashback in Carrefour this ramadan with Beam

beamBeam is now offering 20% cashback for all purchases in Carrefour during Ramadan.

They already have a promotion going where they offer 10% back forever, but during Ramadan they have doubled the credit amount you will get.

If you are new to Beam, I’ll try to explain it as quickly as I can.

Beam is an app that allows you to pay in certain (over 2000) stores in the UAE with your smartphone. It is available to both android and Iphone.

You simply download the app from the app store, install it to your device, sign up, add your credit card details, and you are good to go. To use Beam, simply look for the Beam Terminal, enter your pincode on the app, tap the phone on the terminal and you are all done.

Beam Terminal
Beam Terminal

For any amount you spend now during Ramadan, you will get 20% credited back to your account, and you choose what partner shop you want to redeem it with. The credit are then stored in your account with Beam, and whenever you shop at the selected shop next time, you will first use your credits and then the remaining amount (if any) will be charged to your creditcard.

Download Beam App from their official website

There is also a promotion ongoing for new costumers to Beam, if you  are referred by a friend, you will receive 40 dirhams credit to be used the first time you use Beam to pay. If you use my invite code UWLMTLG both you and I will get 40 dirhams credit, and if you then refer any of your friends, you will receive 40 dirhams for each one that signs up.

At a personal note, I have used Beam for a few months now, sometimes it does not work, but overall I am very happy, and without paying anything extra I now have 647 dirhams credit in my accound, spread across Subway, Vox Cinemas and Also.

And what is even better, most credit cards only give you 0,75 miles for every 4 dirhams spent on supermarkets, but when you use Beam to pay, your creditcard is charged to Beam and not Carrefour, which means you get full payout of miles as well with every supermarket purchase you make!

Sign up for Beam here to get your 40 dirhams credit

Feel free to comment with your own invite code below so we can share the amount of rewards we can get from the signups!


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