The worlds shortest Airbus A380 route is now live

As I wrote about a month ago, Emirates is launching the worlds shortest Airbus A380 route between Dubai and Doha.

Well, the route is now live, on the 1st of December the A380 touched down in Doha, and was greeted with  a water cannon salute at Doha airport.

Water cannon salute

The flight had a filed flight time of 1 hour and 20 minutes, but I am pretty sure that the real flight time was in the area of 45-50 minutes, as is the typical length of a flight on this route.

Dubai – Doha

I am sure this will be a popular flight among aviation enthusiasts in Dubai, and it is a great way to try the different classes on the Airbus A380, as you can get one way business class tickets for about 1000 dirhams, and 1st class tickets for double that.

Emirates Business Class

Outbound flight EK 841 departs Dubai at 07:45 in the morning, arriving in Doha at 08:05 am local time. The return flight, EK 842, departs Doha at 09:50 am, arriving in Dubai at 12:00 pm.

Touching down in Doha



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