2016 and what to expect in 2017

So, 2016 has come to and end, and 2017 is just about starting.

It has been the first year for this blog, but hopefully I will be able to keep it going for a while longer. It has been my first attempt at blogging, and there has been a lot to learn, and a lot of mistakes made. I am still trying to learn as much as I can, but as long as my daily average hits is in the area of 12-18 readers pr day I guess it will be a while longer before I can resign from my current job and become a full time traveler and blogger ;D

Anyways, it has been an interesting year, but without the big new for either of the 3 big nor the smaller carriers in the Middle East, but there has been some interesting news nonetheless, and by far my most read post was the one about Emirates starting the worlds shortest A380 flight between Dubai and Doha.

It has also been an interesting year when it comes to incredible fares, I was able to catch one myself for about 10% of the normal cost, and we have repeatedly seen round trip fares in paid business between Egypt and the US, as well as both from Colombo and Bangkok for just about the same price, and even a couple of fares in the same range for first class fares to Australia! I will keep looking out for this offers or even incorrect pricings, and post as soon as I find something good, I do know at least two of my regular readers have bought some of those tickets, and I am happy to help anyone save when it comes to other promotions and news.

Also for the year ahead I will be starting to post some trip reports and hotel reviews, which I hope will help making this blog more interesting and also add some variation to it, and I have lately travelled Qatar Airways first, business and economy class, Etihad business and Cebu pacific economy, both as single traveller and with small kids, which puts a completely different perspective on layout, service, soft and hard products.

View from the window

I have also visited a few free standing hotels, we well as Radisson and Hilton properties, which I have had mixed feelings about, which will be coming in due time.

During 2016 I was ableto both become a Gold Elite member with Club Carlson, and after my next flight my gold membership with Qatar Airways should be secured, so that will also hopefully offer me some more benefits – and for 2017 I will be trying to increase my membership levels with other companies through status matching, which will be a whole new game for me to learn, so expect updates on trials and errors in this field also.

This blog was created mostly for miles and points in the Middle East region, and concentrating on the 3 big ones, Etihad, Emirates and Qatar Airways, but I will also try to keep posting other interesting news from the region and the rest of the world for those that might take an interest in that. Being an aviation professional(?) myself, it is part of my every day life, and keeps me also up to date with industry news. And also not to forget, I love – probably more than the average person – to travel in business or first class for as cheap as possible. As I am aging it is becoming more and more clear to me that this is the only way to travel on any flights longer than a couple of hours, and I will be keep looking for ways to maximise this combination to my favour.

For all (both(?)) my regular readers out there, happy new year, and may you all travel as cheaply and comfortably as possible in the year to come!

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