Club Carlson new year promotion

Club Carlson is now offering a new year promotion to earn extra points with them.

Specifically, you have to choose 1 out of 5 options, and complete this in order to get the extra points with them.

As you see, you have to, in advance, choose how many nights you are going to be staying in  a Club Carlson hotel between now and the end of March 31 2017, and you will get bonus points accordingly. This is a tricky promotion, as I would not know yet how many nights I will be staying, so I will wait to register until my plans are more clear.

As you can see from the table above, most of the options gives 5000 extra points pr night, however, if you choose the 8 nights option you will get 6250 points extra pr night (this is in addition to the normal 20 points pr US dollar spent, and any tier bonuses you might get (as a Gold member I get 35% extra points, which means I get 27 points pr. US dollar spent.))

Stay at Park Inn, Angeles, Philippines for 9000 points pr night.

With points redemption starting at 9000 pr night this can be very good value, if I choose to stay at Park Inn for 8 nights I would get 50.000 bonus points which alone would give me an additional 5 nights.

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