A little bit about the author

The Sandpit Traveler is originally from Norway, but have spent more than the last decade in the United Arab Emirates, and is a miles, points and travel junkie.

I used to travel whenever he had a few days off from work, however, I am now married and have two small kids, so travelling is not that much of an option any more, but I still love to look for good deals, and am more than happy to share how I have been able to travel to more than 40 countries and 90 different airports. Most of my flights in the past few years have been in business or first class, and only once in my life have I actually paid for the business class ticket, the rest I used miles and points either to get the ticket outright or upgrading economy class tickets.

From loopholes to incorrect pricing, reduced cost to promotions and ‘industry secrets;, I will try to share my knowledge on how to travel as comfortably as possible for as little as possible.

I am currently working in the aviation industry as an Air Traffic Controller, but all posts and views are mine, and I am currently nor receiving commission or other benefits from any companies that might be mentioned on this blog.

As you can see below, most of my flying has been either domestically in Norway or intercontinental from the Middle East, so as such this blog will concentrate mostly about the three big companies in the Middle East, Etihad, Emirates and Qatar Airways, but I will also try to include other relevant information that I find.

My flight history