Beam Shake-shake promotion is back!

Beam Terminal
Beam Terminal

A while back Beam had a shake-shake promotion, where you would get free credit for shaking your mobile phone.

Now the promotion is back, but with a slightly different twist. This time the promotion will run for 10 weeks, and each weeks there is a different category, and you have to meet a minimum spend at the category to be allowed to participate in the promotion.

This weeks category is ‘Fuel’, and you simply have to spend 100 dirhams on fuel, using your Beam App to pay for it, shake the phone, and you will win a prize, ranging from 5 dirhams to 1 majoy prize each weeks. This weeks main prize is free fuel for a year, which can, of course, be wort quite a bit of money.

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20% cashback in Carrefour this ramadan with Beam

beamBeam is now offering 20% cashback for all purchases in Carrefour during Ramadan.

They already have a promotion going where they offer 10% back forever, but during Ramadan they have doubled the credit amount you will get.

If you are new to Beam, I’ll try to explain it as quickly as I can.

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Earn up to 10.500 Miles with Air Berlin for signing up and referring friends

airberlin-737It is not so common to see airlines giving out miles for free just to sign up to their frequent flyer program and their newsletter, but Airberlin is doing just that right now. You will get 1000 miles just for signing up with them and subscribing to their newsletter, and you can get an additional 1000 miles for each person you refer and sign up as well. (you get only 500 miles for your first referral, but 1000 miles for each extra referral thereafter.)

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Flying and drinking (and eating) during Ramadan 2016

etihad ramadanNow that Ramadan has been announced, it is time to remember what you can expect when travelling in the Middle East.


First of all, the general rule for everyone is that eating, smoking and drinking during daylight hours is prohibited during Ramadan.

However, all transit areas of the airports are exempted, as all travelers traveling more than 80 kilometers in one day are exempted from the fasting. You can therefore expect all food outlets to be serving food and drinks during Ramadan, and in the UAE you should also be able to order alcoholic beverages, although they will probably not be on display.

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Earn 500 bonus miles every time you book your Qatar Airways ticket online.

QMiles-membership-levels Qatar Airways is offering 2,000 more reasons to book your flight online. Earn 2,000 bonus Qmiles when you make your first online booking and 500 bonus Qmiles for each subsequent online booking.

There is no limit to the number of bonus Qmiles you can earn during the life of this promotion. So book online and start earning bonus Qmiles today!

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