How much is a mile or a point worth?

How much is an airmile or hotel point really worth?

That is a  really difficult question to answer, but I will try to make a list of the relevant ones for the UAE, and what their miles are worth to me.

There are several ways to calculate how much a mile or point is worth, the way I look at it is how much I would normally have paid for the ticket in question, and then divide it by the number of miles that it costs instead plus the number of miles I would have made if I paid for the ticket or hotel room.

As an example, an economy class ticket from Abu Dhabi to London on Etihad costs from 1250 dirhams, or 31.000 miles. In addition an economy class ticket would earn you as a basic member around 1000 miles, so the real cost of the ticket would be 32.000 miles. 1250 dirhams / 32.000 = 0.04 dirhams pr mile – or 1 dirham = 25 miles.

The same example in Business Class would be 6000 dirhams for a 1 way ticket, or 65.000 miles plus 4.000 miles you would have earned. 6000 DHS / 69.000 miles = 0.08 dirhams pr mile or 1 dirham = 12 miles.

Finally in First class the example would be 18.000 dirhams for a 1 way ticket, or 88.000 miles plus 8.500 miles that would have been earned. 18.000 DHS / 96.500 miles = 0.18 dirhams pr mile or 1 dirham = 5 miles.

So as you can see, the value of each mile varies with what you are spending them on, and it will also vary with what promotions are ongoing, and what destination you are flying to. As such, any value I put on a mile is just what I feel it is worth to me, taking an average of my normal destinations, and the average price of busniess class tickets, as I would never pay to fly in 1st class unless there was a really good promotion somewhere.

To complete the example above, looking at the average, I feel the business class example is the most correct one, and I would as such value each Etihad Guest Mile at 0.08 dirhams (or every 12 miles you spend gives you 1 dirham with of ticket.)

For a full list of what I currently value miles at, please See this page